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The time for a healthy home is now.

Beautiful, Healthy, Energy Efficient.

A natural home is holistically designed to meet your specific needs. It is hand-crafted with local, renewable resources and super insulated with natural materials. A natural home enhances you health, supports your vitality and compliments the natural characteristics of your property and your community.


Homes to enhance your life.

Our Services

We want to give you a home that is better than you can imagine. All of our homes are extremely high quality, low maintenance, provide healthy indoor air quality, affordable to heat and cool and beautiful.

By using a permaculture approach we can give you a home that will enhance your life as well as being ecological, efficient and affordable.

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We begin with an initial meeting to “design your design process.” From there we work with your goals and timeline to develop your building program. Some projects develop quickly while others have many iterations before discovering the best possible design. We expect the homes we build to enhance the occupants, but also the site on which is sits. Our most common approaches include custom timber frames, walls of straw bale, straw/clay or cellulose, dense pack cellulose roofs and finished with native woods for flooring, trim and siding. We also regularly utilize traditional and beautiful clay plasters throughout our walls and ceilings.

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Additions & Renovations

Whether it is a new addition or renovations we always start with listening to what it is you want and then designing a plan to get you there. From old farmhouses to suburban 1 acre lots, many homes can benefit from energy efficiency upgrades, thoughtful re-design and preparation for transitioning to the 21st century. We’ll use our natural design process to create new life into any house utilizing our unique approach of appropriate design and technology, resilient materials, thermal mass strategies and stunning interiors.

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Historical Preservation

We have spent thousands of hours studying and repairing beautiful and timeless buildings in the Northern New England melting pot of worldly building traditions. From dry laid stone foundations, earth moving and grading, joinery repair to plumbing, leveling and squaring centuries old buildings, no good building is too daunting or in too much disrepair for us to create an effective plan to bring it back to use for another century or more.

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Home Inspections

We visit your existing home and inspect for air quality, structural quality, air loss and can provide energy audits and recommendations for increasing performance. We offer a 90 minute, 1/2 day and full day service with full report.

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There are many well built buildings that preform well shy of their capability. We take pride in leaving all our clients with a ‘ home operators manual” to ensure the best possible comfort, no unwarranted maintenance and greatest reduction in operating expenses. Not being content with settling for net 0 energy structures, we have built net positive homes, net positive water and near net 0 waste.

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Have a project in mind and want to see if we are a fit? A one hour consultation is free! Take advantage of our experience, get in touch and let’s see if we can help you meet your goals.



Bryan does a great job of keeping the client informed on a daily basis not only of the status of the project but also what to expect along the journey.

—Carol Vonette

Bryan is an incredible talented builder and his positive, can-do attitude is a joy to be around.

—Lisa Rixon


We'd love to hear about your project!